Animating your SVG logo or signature that has variable stroke width using CSS/LESS

We all knew that by using SVG and CSS keyframes animation, we can easily make simple lines and curves neatly appear to be written, as though a person is writing it (check out this awesome tutorial by Ian Yates if you are unfamiliar with it).

However, what if we want to animate our logos or signatures that are more than just simple curves with fixed stroke width? How could we animate complex logos like Coca-Cola or beautiful calligraphy? Turns out it’s not that hard, we simply have to animate each path using the dash-offset technique while clipping it with the original shape.

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I, Cloud

Who am I, you asked? Sometimes I’m everywhere. Sometimes I’m nowhere. It is me who blocks the Milky Way and the scorching sun. It is me who provides the rains and the snows.

“You are the clouds?” You might ask. Indeed, I am the cloud.

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很久很久以前,小野兔曾听过一个传说,说在小野兔住的Felt Lake这里的北面,有片富饶之极、叫做“斯坦福”的土地。在那儿,不仅每天都可以不愁吃、不愁喝,还有许多许多天上的巨物助他们遮风挡雨。那地方没有野狼,没有红尾𫛭,没有秃鹰,简直就像是个兔间天堂。而且,他没见过任何一个去了那里后又回来的朋友,更证明了那地方的吸引力。

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Which Elk Should Die?

A painting of a group of elks

It’s autumn 1951. In the forest of the Grand Teton National Park, an aged elk was lying on the ground. It was a peaceful afternoon, but looking at the beauty around her, she couldn’t help but let out a sigh. In the past sixteen years, she had witnessed an explosion in the elk population. The elk species seemed to be thriving and growing. However, she knew that the end was near. If things continued like this, in a decade or a century, there would be no elk left on this land.

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Which Wolf Do You Feed?

The drawing of a lone wolf

Many people know that the gray wolves in the Greater Yellowstone Ecosystem were once extirpated in the 1920s. Without the reintroduction in 1995, we would never be able to see this beautiful and majestic animal here. Some think that the hunters and their unethical hunting practice during the 1910s should be fully responsible for the extirpation of wolves in the 1920s. However, the truth might not be so simple.

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The drawing of a lone wolf


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